March 09 ICO announced!

Augment your reality, and let AI do the hard stuff.

@Assistive Reality, we are producing a series of new Augmented Reality apps with the single goal of providing effective Human Assistance. This means that whether you use our World 1 browser to explore the new Augmented world, or our Profession app for your job, our single focus is on providing you with the tools, advice, visual guidance and information storage that you need at any given time.

Our multi-platform AR apps protect your personal security by storing credentials, account and biometric information in a private Ethereum blockchain
We use Microsoft Azure cloud hosting so you can be assured of uninterrupted access to cloud-assisted AI; our AR apps also feature the latest 3D-motion recognition for visual assistance so good, you'll wonder how you got by without it
ARX tokens are tradeable ERC20-standard Ethereum tokens that can be used for in-world purchases, unlocking job roles, and to create your own public AR zones

March 09 ICO date finalised!

Watch the ARX token - click here

ARX token
(token address: 0xb0D926c1BC3d78064F3e1075D5bD9A24F35Ae6C5,
decimals:18, symbol: ARX, type:ERC20)

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Staff at Assistive Reality are on-hand to answer ICO or presale questions, to enquire about corporate licensing, or if you're just interested in the Ethereum price!. For interviews or further information about our technology, emails us at or get in touch via one of our social media channels and we'll respond right away. We are on many of the popular ICO list and our Augmented Reality apps are due to release for beta in Q2 2018.

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