Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up project focused on creating Enterprise and Industrial Augmented Reality apps and interfaces.

We’re currently in the start-up phase, fine-tuning alpha code on the Microsoft MR and Apple AR SDKs, while working on establishing Google AR compatibility in the coming months. Our team have been very active forming foundation partnerships with companies aiming to deploy enterprise-integrated AR/MR or VR solutions, and achieving commercial agreements to create dedicated applications to meet enterprise workflow and social requirements. These partnerships will be announced via our press portal ( in future.

Our plans for Augmentation technology are not limited to optical headsets; we are also actively researching and creating software prototypes to implement building-wide AR environments, and creating partnerships within the optics industry, with the goal of deploying code to run on contact lens or implant technology systems as and when they become available.

Individually, we’ve previously built messaging systems, interactive meeting rooms, smart-mirrors, chat bots, AI systems and object tracking software; by leveraging these skills to ensure we are early to market on a number of a corporate products and by delivering a user experience that is of the highest quality, standardised across hardware platforms, our aim is to become the industry leader.

Travis Roe
CEO & Product Architecture Leader
Travis has a rich background in software development and start-ups, working first as a 32bit web browser developer in the 90’s followed by being involved in web metrics venture capital start-up Maxamine (acquired by Accenture ‘08). Travis embarked on a Microsoft developer and enterprise infrastructure career working for enterprise clients around Australia, before starting his own company AusPortal. Later working for Hewlett-Packard and DXC Technology in a technical leadership role, Travis has a wide array of management and C-level contacts in a number of industries throughout Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines and New Zealand. Throughout 2016/17 Travis has spent significant time developing Visual Search engines, AI chat bots, Ethereum smart contracts, and Augmented Reality interfaces. Travis is an Ethereum advocate and a believer in the future of AR technology; his programming skills include Cocoa, ARKit, SceneKit, C#, C++, Solidity, Java & Assembly.

Craig Straw
Marketing & Strategy Leader
Craig has significant experience in corporate channel and sales/marketing strategy with a proven track record of revenue development and C-level relationship management. Having been exposed to technology at young age and with experience building a start-up energy company, Craig brings a lot of contacts and years of experience in scaling companies to Assistive Reality. He has strong experience with multimillion dollar accounts in industries such as Energy and Mining, Healthcare, Construction and Technology and can leverage the contacts developed throughout his already-substantial professional career. Craig has worked on a number of software projects in the past offering development input, product refinement and ensuring features are aligned to market demand. Craig is also a father of 2, an avid HTC Vive VR user and enjoys simulations such as rFactor2.

Qingqing Wang

Research Leader - Human Augmentation, Lens Integration
Holder of a PhD degree in biology, Qingqing has a strong background in biology research. While studying in one of the best universities in China, Qingqing explored areas of particular interest in neuroscience and further enhanced her knowledge in the study of vertigo from motion as a member of the Neuroscience Group 2007. Qingqing maintains connections to multiple experts in the brain and neuroscience field, and is particularly interested in the application of AR for treatment of certain neurological disorders. Qingqing is currently examining the cognitive effect of AR, MR and other blended reality interfaces, and the health impact of AR headset and lens usage. Qingqing has a wide array of contacts throughout the biomedical industry and can provide assistance in accessing the China market for our applications and company.

Mark Palmer
Technology & Concepts Leader
Mark is a senior developer and infrastructure architect who has excellent communication skills with all levels of business and possesses a tremendous ability to translate technical requirements into a simple solution. Mark combines Microsoft and AWS ecosystem skills with strong international business experience and is able to deliver high quality project results while maintaining a hands-on approach to daily issues in code or design. Mark has a strong interest in workplace and sporting applications of AR; having a significant background in large-scale technology projects Mark is an invaluable contributor to our project. Mark has a track record of projects delivered successfully against tight deadlines in complex situations, and will bring a significant skillset to bear in deploying AR/MR/VR technology.

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