Human augmentation
We aim to push the boundaries of software, hardware and human integration to develop new solutions to problems currently consuming significant human time or effort
Multi-platform, cloud AI
Additionally, our intent is to deploy the most advanced multi-platform integrated-AI Augmented Reality applications and AR cloud-delivery service for use by the general public, as well as government, corporate and education clients around the world
World 1 and Profession
In Quarter 2 of 2018 we will release two Augmented Reality applications via each device’s store: World 1 and Profession. These applications will be built on our commercial Spectrum AR engine, natively compiled and customised for each device (Hololens/Microsoft MR, Google ARCore, Apple ARKit, Magic Leap, Android) to obtain maximum performance.

Mission goals

• Champion the integration of Artificial Intelligence software with Augmented Reality devices
• Enable humans to be highly competitive in complex tasks where AI has an inherent advantage
• Act as a catalyst for the adoption of AR/MR/VR technology in business
• Increase commercial awareness and adoption of the Ethereum Blockchain & smart contracts
• Provide an example of ICO fundraising bootstrapping a successful Tier 1 technology firm
• Establish relationships within the contact lens design and production industry

Deployment goals

• Complete development and compatibility testing of our Spectrum Augmented Reality engine
• Contract to deploy 15 Spectrum application sites within 2018
• Ensure our Spectrum-based Profession apps reach top 10 rank/major app stores within 2019
• Ensure our World 1 world browser reaches top 10 rank/major app stores within 2019

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