Profession is a revolutionary AR interface in development for HoloLens, ARKit, ARCore, Android and SteamVR compatible-devices.

It allows users to pick a job role and enjoy AI assistance, visual task guidance and networked team coordination, enhancing productivity and workplace satisfaction levels. Releasing in 2018, Profession is currently in alpha build and working on Microsoft’s AR/MR devices, with further device support in progress now.

Profession features include:

  • Switchable user interface (for different job roles, or preferences)
  • Professions to select will be added regularly
  • Surface-to-screen projection
  • AI-bot or Virtual Assistant
  • Fine-tuned UI/UX for each profession type
  • Guided Action with prompting
  • Real-time Communications
  • App integration
  • Blockchain Recording and Archiving
  • Room and Dimensional-space scaling users will gain access to AR interfaces and AI assistance modules for 2 professions under a default purchase, however other professions can be unlocked in-app with ARX or ETH tokens.

The beta release of Profession is targeting the following high level AR feature support on Microsoft devices, with some variance based on final specifications and individual model capabilities present in future Apple & Google devices:

Metric Available Type
Max. capture distance / marker Yes / Variable 4.5m / 5.5m
Minimum angle reconciliation Yes / Variable 35-40 degrees
2D Recognition w/stability hold Yes Native & Cloud
3D Recognition w/stability hold Yes Native & Cloud
Geolocation Yes Native
SLAM-based tracking Yes Native
Biometric security Yes Native & Ethereum Blockchain
Directory integration Yes Microsoft & Cloud
Cooperative multiuser Yes Native
Large/data storage Yes Cloud & Ethereum Blockchain
CPU offload Yes (Optional) Cloud
Blockchain currency integrated Yes Ethereum ETH & ARX tokens
Blockchain applications Yes Ethereum smart contracts
Distributed apps coming late 2018
Multiplatform Yes Native
Developer API and Store 2019 Scheduled for 2019