Assistive Reality applications World 1, Profession and all custom apps built on our Spectrum AR engine have native access to the Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum is a leading cryptocurrency in 2017 and has many advanced features including Turing-complete smart contract scripting and sandboxed code execution. Ethereum’s EVM programmability has contributed to the rise of many distributed applications and offers unique integration options for AR/MR applications. Building our software with native support for Ethereum provides the following benefits for our users:

  • Private or Public Blockchain-secured Biometrics for each user provide security, audit trail, and data survivability with integrity beyond a typical private database
  • Swarm technology is leveraged for roaming user data and some profile information
  • Ethereum configurations are already available within major cloud provider services, giving immediate, well-understood scaling when storing data for enterprise client solutions
  • Smart contracts are executed using distributed computing (nodes) allowing a degree of processing-offload for miniaturised devices
  • Ethereum has a strong development roadmap and community, with good leadership, which has led to widespread trust and adoption across a range of platforms, by a variety of internationally-respected companies
  • Users of our World 1 world browser will utilise Ethereum integration to interact with paid content

ARX tokens issued in our ICO can be exchanged using the redemption smart contract for World 1 and Profession early access.

ARX tokens and ETH can be used to interact with paid content in all Assistive Reality consumer-facing applications, including AR zones that contain premium content
Ethereum’s developer community will be directly leveraged to hire coders and testers for smart contracts and blockchain integration when building World Zones and assistive AI Bots

As an early enterprise AR developer and integrator, Assistive Reality aims to gain significant market share within Government, Defense and Corporate organisations, exposing them to Ethereum technology potentially for the first time, expanding the reach of Ethereum in general.