In the first 24 months we are aiming to establish the Australian division of the company Assistive Reality to facilitate research, development, deployment, demonstrations and licensing; we have also committed to a number of foundation site clients and interested parties to deliver the following clear outcomes by our March 2019 “Deploy” milestone:

  • Perform ICO (ARX token), fund company structure, establish development contracts
  • Demonstrate Spectrum alpha software running with sample tasks at various trade events
  • License 5 Foundation Sites for Spectrum deployment trials in early 2018, ramping up to 15
  • Release Spectrum beta to foundation sites, monitor and adjust onsite
  • Release World 1 beta World Browser for Google AR, Glass, Microsoft AR/MR and Apple AR
  • Perform World 1 closed alpha test of large-scale multiuser networking
  • Deploy Ethereum smart contract for exchanging ARX tokens for World 1 or Spectrum access
  • Begin advanced AI-in-AR research paper regarding in-world and in-zone automation
  • Publish a research paper discussing the future-state of human visual augmentation
  • Scale development up to 3 full-time development team members
  • Test private Ethereum Blockchain secure-storage smart contract functions

We have segmented and summarised some milestones from the first 4 years of operation into clear Startup, Disrupt, Deploy and Scale phases, as shown below:

Our initial operational emphasis is twofold; (1) To develop and deploy our Spectrum AR engine to major corporations around the world, either standalone or in combination with comprehensive solutions including room-integrated hardware (spatial sensors), audio systems, open AI bots and back-end Ethereum blockchain services, and (2) To develop and distribute World 1; the first AR World Browser application to be available simultaneously on all major platforms to allow home users to explore the real world through a dynamic visual interface, with a range of advanced functionality. It is also expected World 1 will allow the user to discover applications, live content and participate in AR World zone activities made available through social media or web pages/stores.