About Us

A 3D render of a modern generic smart phone screen emanating small pixels at random that build up to form and illuminate the word Augmented Reality

Who we are

Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up project creating Augmented and Mixed reality applications for Microsoft, Intel, Google, Apple and other smartglasses / AR platforms. We use a variety of development engines such as Vuforia, Unity3D, ARCore and ARKit to reproduce a core API that our applications are built on (ARAI). Each of our applications features an integrated Artificial Intelligence assistant bot that is connected to Google API for services and data lookup. We have integrated the Ethereum blockchain with our product stack to enable secure global profile roaming, biometric ID storage, and in-world automation via smart contracts and AI logic scripts. We aim to launch our first two applications to leading app stores in Q1 2020. We will be running software on all Linux and Android smart glasses.

By running an Assistive Reality application on your phone, tablet or headset you can recognize the incredible potential of Augmented Reality, getting a glimpse into a future long touted as SciFi, but rapidly becoming reality. AI assistance delivered by Augmented Reality devices will improve the lives of professional and home users around the world. As a group, we feel AR and MR hardware is reaching early maturity and the timing is right to launch a dedicated Augmented Reality software company now, with the goal of delivering advanced multi-platform AI-integrated AR & MR software into stores in Q4 2018.

What we do

We’re currently in the start-up phase, fine-tuning alpha code on the Microsoft MR and Apple AR SDKs, while working on establishing Google and Apple compatibility in the coming months. Our team have been very active forming foundation partnerships with companies aiming to deploy enterprise-integrated AR/MR or VR solutions, and achieving commercial agreements to create dedicated applications to meet enterprise workflow and social requirements. These partnerships will be announced via our home page with a news and discussion link for each in future.


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