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Who is Assistive Reality?

Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up project creating Augmented and Mixed reality applications for Microsoft, Intel, Google, Apple and other smartglasses / AR platforms. We use a variety of development engines such as Vuforia, Unity3D, ARCore and ARKit to reproduce a core API that our applications are built on (ARAI). Each of our applications features an integrated Artificial Intelligence assistant bot that is connected to Google API for services and data lookup. We have integrated the Ethereum blockchain with our product stack to enable secure global profile roaming, biometric ID storage, and in-world automation via smart contracts and AI logic scripts. We aim to launch our first two applications to leading app stores in Q4 2018.

By running an Assistive Reality application on your phone, tablet or headset you can recognize the incredible potential of Augmented Reality, getting a glimpse into a future long touted as SciFi, but rapidly becoming reality. AI assistance delivered by Augmented Reality devices will improve the lives of professional and home users around the world. As a group, we feel AR and MR hardware is reaching early maturity and the timing is right to launch a dedicated Augmented Reality software company now, with the goal of delivering advanced multi-platform AI-integrated AR & MR software into stores in Q4 2018.

Who are our team members?

Our founding group is below; we have also created a hiring strategy to bring other biotech and development expertise on-board after the ICO completes.

Travis Roe

CEO & Solidity, C# lead developer

Elad Dolev
Elad Dolev

Ethereum development consultant

lora Yessenova
Lora Yessenova

Marketing & Communications Advisor

Shahar Namer

Marketing & Communications consultant (ICO Rocket Group)

assaf bardougo
Adv. Assaf Bardougo

Marketing & Communications Advisor

What is an ARX token?

ARX is the official Assistive Reality digital currency and can be used for the exchange of application access, content and several other actions such as policy voting, in-world Jury selection and unique World actions that are only possible by consuming ARX tokens. ARX tokens are issued in the form of ERC20-Standard Ethereum tokens issued on the Ethereum public blockchain.

The ARX Ethereum token address is 0xb0D926c1BC3d78064F3e1075D5bD9A24F35Ae6C5. The token has 18 decimals and its ticker is “ARX“. The name field is usually configured as “Assistive Reality ARX” however could be set to your desired label. The total supply is 318,000,000. The token is not mineable and is regression tested and compatible with all major ERC20 wallets.

The ARX token is the digital lifeblood of Assistive Reality applications and experiences; Users will consume ARX tokens when renting Augmented Reality zone space, hosting multi-player access to their AR spaces, or when enabling certain advanced ARX-holder only functions. Corporate clients licensing the Assistive Reality Spectrum engine for their company or government agency will consume ARX tokens as part of their standard product licensing arrangement. Initially, these licensing arrangements will draw tokens from the ARX foundation fund. In future, a public marketplace will be offered for any ARX holder to offer their tokens for sale to current corporate deal bids.

A small (50-investor) Pre-sale round has been concluded with a small number (under 2.25%) of ARX tokens already sold. An opportunity for fortunate investors is available starting March 9th to obtain ARX tokens at substantially better rates than normal or during ICO. Our Augmented Reality applications will be released in the Google Play, Apple and Windows stores throughout Q4 2018. Assistive Reality aims to be an industry leader in Augmented and Mixed reality applications and has designed ARX ERC20 tokens to be at the heart of its digital ecosystem.


How to use ARX tokens:

ARX tokens can be directly used for:

Downloading AR / MR apps from the Microsoft Store, Apple Store, Google Play Store and Steam
Signing in to premium AR geo-zones when physically in location
Renting space in the AR worldspace
Purchasing physical locations for AR content in World1
Placing advertising banners into locations in World1
Installing AR businesses & interactive purchase bots (shopping malls, bus stops, walkways)
Creating consumable AR tours within World1
Activating AI-Guidance within World1 or Profession
Purchasing a content or skills pack within World1 or Profession
Stored as a long-term investment
Traded on a Crypto exchange such as launch partner Nebula or EtherDelta

What are the aims of the project?

The aim of the Assistive Reality project and company is to deliver cutting edge Augmented Reality applications on the latest AR glass hardware as it is made available from Microsoft, Google, Magic Leap, Intel and Apple. We will be publishing our applications in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store to cater for both iOS and Android users. In future, we hope to deploy our applications directly to smart contact lenses or optical implant hardware. Importantly, our Augmented Reality applications integrate with smart building software/APIs and also feature the latest in Artificial Intelligence bot assistance, to help guide you through daily or professional tasks.

Product goals

  • Release World1 browser app for iOS, Android, and Windows MR devices in 2018 for home users
  • Release Profession app for iOS, Android and Windows MR devices in 2018 for home and professional users

Mission goals

  • Champion the integration of Artificial Intelligence software with Augmented Reality devices
  • Enable humans to be highly competitive in complex tasks where AI has an inherent advantage
  • Act as a catalyst for the adoption of AR/MR/VR technology in business
  • Increase commercial awareness and adoption of the Ethereum blockchain & smart contract technology
  • Provide an example of ICO fundraising bootstrapping a successful tier-1 technology firm
  • Establish relationships within the contact lens design and production industry

Deployment goals

  • Complete development and compatibility testing of our Spectrum Augmented Reality engine
  • Contract to deploy 15 Spectrum application sites within 2018
  • Ensure our Spectrum-based Profession apps reach top 10 rank/major app stores within 2019
  • Ensure our World 1 world browser reaches top 10 rank/major app stores within 2019

Your Assistive Reality experience:

1. Enter into an agreement with Assistive Reality Pty Ltd to provide a workplace Augmented Reality solution, which provides your company, government department or non-profit with a pool of ARX tokens as well as your choice of AR hardware platform (Microsoft MR glasses, for example), a fully bespoke AR software solution based on Apple ARKit, Google ARCore and Unity3D or Vuforia licensing for your workplace. We also offer building setup, AR orientation sessions for your staff, and ongoing AR application development and fine-tuning.

2 - Assistive Reality will be running an SEC-compliant Securitized Token Offering in Q4 2018 to offer international investors and large companies the ability to purchase Ethereum Token-based securities from Assistive Reality allowing profit-based trading of our tokens in future.

3 - Each commercial agreement that provides Augmented Reality application(s) and services includes a bonus allocation of ARX tokens to our clients. As the value of ARX tokens increases on cryptocurrency exchanges, Assistive Reality clients can optionally choose to liquidate their bonus ARX tokens to return profits from their commercial agreement or participation in our Q4 STO.

4 - Alternatively bonus ARX tokens can be retained as a long term security investment while receiving bespoke Augmented Reality applications, content and multiuser experiences.

The future is here.